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The opening meeting of the 2016-2017 season will be The Committee Entertains but it may be a good idea if there were a few volunteers ready to perform on the evening as holidays, shift patterns and the IBM convention opening night may all combine to leave a much depleted committee. The evening will be hosted by Club President Denis Shields - so if you're available to perform, let Denis know...

If you are not yet a member and have just found this website, please take the opportunity to read the public pages with details of the club's history and activities. DO come along to the club. Club rules allow prospective members the chance to attend three meetings at the club before you are asked to formally join and pay subs. If any of these three were a paying lecture night, your subs will be reduced accordingly.

September 22nd (Friday of the September weekend) sees the club participating in a 50/50 show with Love N Light Recovery Group Screen Shot 2017 09 03 at 21.34.14 an Airdrie based charity suppoorting the extended families of victims of Drink or Drug abuse as well as addicts themselves.

September 27th sees the club hosting an InterClub Night. Mike Nowak is looking after this event and will no doubt reveal full details and seek volunteer performers in advance of this evening.