This Month - February 2018

Close-Up Competition

This year's close-up competition takes place on Wednesday February 28th - so you still have time to enter, go to Blackpool and buy an act in time for the competition.

Not that any of you would do that, now - or would you?....

Please let Kenny Hurren (Competition Organiser) know if you wish to enter - chat to him at the club, let him know via the Forum, or leave a note on the SCA Facebook page. If you don't already know Kenny (unlikely, everyone knows Kenny) this is what he looks like...


The rest of the month shapes up like this...

February 2018      
7th INFORMAL – Mini Lecture – Stephen Allison    
21st Mentalism Mike Nowak  
28th Close Up Competition Kenny Hurren *Open Night*

March follows and John Brownlee is already encouraging members to pair up for an evening of magic double acts, so get down to it and you can be a Penn to someone else's Teller or Sooty to someone's Richard Cadell.

7th INFORMAL – Advice Night    
14th Pairs Night J.B.  
28th Boris Wild Lecture – Fletcher Memorial lecture D.S.

February 2018