SCA AGM 2011 President's report

Last year was again a very busy year for the club and we have had some wonderful Theme nights. One of the best was probably not expected to be a success. However, the trials and tribulations of tricks from a Grab bag was hilarious and showed the REAL spirit within the club.

We also had some great Lecturers and up there with the BEST was our own Tommy Templeton. A big thank you to Scott for his efforts in seeking out Lecturers.

We also had a Christmas Party in May which has got to be a first.

At the last AGM we appointed George F as Communications Officer. He introduced a Notice board and worked hard in ensuring members were kept informed of club events.

We finally did something about the Library. Jim Meek did a great job in identifying the books surplus to requirements and we raised over £175 selling them to club members.

Yet again the competitions were closely contested and Harry did a great job of organising the  running order, judges and prizes.

As in recent years the Income from the Raffle was significant and helped us pay for lecturers and ensure a full programme.

A big thank you to John Rossi for the hard work he put in organising the raffles. A big thank you also to all those who contributed prizes.

The Thistle has yet again been a great success and has become a weekly must read. The success of the Thistle is due to the tireless efforts of Jim Kelly and his small band of regular contributors. A big thank you to them.

There are two guys whose work for the club is mainly unseen. Nevertheless, their efforts keep the club running smoothly.

Brendan does a great job handling correspondence, finalising the Syllabus, agreeing rents and producing high class posters. A big thank you to Brendan and also thanks for his photographic and video work.

A new guy on the block and doing a marvellous job is our new Treasurer Phil. Phil is as sharp with the Finances as he is with cards. A big thank you to Phil.

As in past years we have seen people leave the club and new members come in. The reasons for leaving are many and I’m sure some of those who have left will return at a later date.

It has been marvellous seeing the way our new members have quickly found their feet and found ways to astound us.

All that remains is for me to Thank you for appointing me President and to Thank you for continuing to make this club

                “ Simply the Best. “