New Season

Hi there,

Summer seems to be over, Schools in , Football's back but it's not all bad news...

We're only two weeks away from the start of the 2011-2012 season for Magic, and only two weeks away from the opening night with a lecture from rising star in mentalism, Scotland's own Colin McLeod.

This lecture will be in the SCA's usual Venue of the Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre, Balcarres Avenue, Kelvinside, Glasgow. 

Admission to non-members is £10.00, but anyone opting to join the SCA will have this sum credited against membership dues.

A full programme of events and lectures for the forthcoming season will be released and posted on the web in due course (the website is currently under reconstruction) but a wee trailer is in order for our Mega Auction, which will once again be held in the Premier Inn, Ballater Street, Glasgow. This will take place on Sunday November 13th (likely times are setup/registration for sellers from Noon, Sale from 13.00 hours.

I hope you can make it along on the 7th

Brendan Kirk
Secretary to the SCA


New website


The new website is still under construction. We would like to go live with it at the beginning of the new season.

It would help the process if you give us feedback about any comments you have. 

Mike A Editor


Members' Guide to the new Website and Forum

Welcome to the new website and forum.

Before accessing the Members Only areas of the website, you must first register. Using the Create An Account option on the bottom right, create your account with your own user name and password. Once created, and confirmed, you will have access to the members information.

You will also have access to two new meonu option that will allow you to control your account:

  • Your Details: Where you can change your personal details and also your password. There are password restrictions in place and these will be explained when you change your password.
  • LogOut: Logs you off from the website and forum.

There are many Member features, including the new forum available under the Member menu. These will only be visible once you have logged into the website.

If you have any issues with your log-in or using the website/forum, you can either post a message on the forum or email the administrator.


SCA AGM 2011 President's report

President’s Report

It doesn’t seem like 4 years since you elected me to be President.

During that time there have been some high points and some not so high.

At all times I have felt really honoured and privileged to be the President of the Scottish Conjurers’ Association, the biggest and best club in Scotland.

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