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In memory of Olive Fletcher

From the July issue of the Linking Ring.

In Memoriam

Olive Fletcher

December 1, 1926 - November 19, 2015

(Editors note: An obituary for Olive Fletcher appeared on page 109 of the February issue. The following remembrance provides a more personal view of this beloved member of a prominent magical family).

Olive Fletcher was a matriarch of the United Kingdom's magic community. She was also a longtime member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. With her husband Duncan, she regularly attended I. B. M. Annual Conventions beginning in the mid-1970s. Many attendees still remember the couple's enthusiastic and friendly nature at the Grande Banquets, with Duncan in his kilt and Olive in exquisite dress, with her ever-present beaming smile.

Their story began in 1945 during the VJ Day celebrations west of London. There, Olive met a handsome young Scottish Naval Officer and magician, Duncan Fletcher. Three years later they were married.

Olive was a laboratory assistant, educated in Dulwich, south of London. She moved to Glasgow to Support Duncan while ha completed medical school. She also supported his love for magic and developed a passion for the craft all her own. She served as her husband's performing assistant and hosted in their home a countless number of visiting magicians from around the globe. their visitors' signature book is a virtual book of legends, including several entries from I. B. M. co-founder Len Vintus.

They lived a happy, magic-filled life until Duncan passed on in 1995. Following his death, Olive's involvement in magic organizations did not diminish.

Duncan and Olive raised three wonderful children- Ian, Rena and Moira- who all became very involved in magic. Sadly, their son Ian passed away five years ago. But daughters Rena and Moira, along with grandchildren Graham and Many, are all continuing the family's magical tradition, and are fixtures at many magic conventions. They're especially involved in the I. B. M Ring 25, the British Ring, where Moira and Graham sit on the council.

While Duncan was President of the British Ring, Olive served as President's Lady, and she accompanied him through out Europe and the United States. In time she became a member of the Northern Magic Circle in northern England, Honorary Life President of The Scottish Conjurers; Association, President of the Scottish Association of Magical Societies, Honorary Member of The Magic Circle in London, and an institution at magic gathering all over the UK.

With her well-recognized and characteristic smile, Olive was proud to tell all who would listen all about her magical life and her magical family.

Thanks to that family and her magical friends, her memory will be with us all for many years to come.

Don Greenberg